MedCare: The nutraceutical arm of MedTate will be rolling out a series of unique healthcare products, including super-supplements and premium natural skincare products over the next 5 years. These include IQvita® (Mind and Memory Supplement), Finehale® (Nicotine free cigarette substitute), Diabetea® (world’s first tea, clinically proven to help Diabetics) and NutraCap® (world’s first fully natural A-Z vitamins). All these supplements are developed keeping in mind the market requirements, and would fill the prevailing lacuna in the nutraceutical sector. Further, we also plan to launch a fully natural skincare range Skin & Eve®, tailor-made natural supplements for men (AlphaVita®) and women (FemVita®), and clinically researched fully natural sexual health supplement for men populations experiencing impotency issues (VitaSutra®). The R&D for most of these products is already complete and a marketing budget is ringfenced for each of the product launch.

MedCure: The biotech arm of the MedTate functions as an independent unit, focusing on development of small molecules for well-defined therapeutic areas. The disease areas of interest at present are:
a) Metabolic disease with emphasis on diabetes and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH - a debilitating liver disease seen in obesity and metabolic disease such as diabetes)
b) Paediatric neurology with emphasis on ADHD and autism spectrum including Asperger syndrome. It is important to note that the five years roadmap of the MedCure will encompass R&D into another medically unmet need, adequate treatment options for cognitive decline, with primary emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease (AD). To achieve the above goals, MedTate will ring-fence all required funding to ensure MedCure function is preserved and maintained throughout the project timelines- identifying, isolating, prototyping and preclinical studies of the three distinct molecules to treat NASH, ADHD and Autism spectrum. More information is given in section (MedCure).