Good ethics and strong principles are cornerstone of MedTate. Our responsibility for our products covers their entire life cycle – from sourcing the raw materials, product development, and production, to their clinical testing and consumption. We use multiple levels of quality control at every stage of development. Our top aim is to ensure that the highest level of quality products reach you in perfect condition. The ingredients used by MedTate are selected with utmost care, based principally on the findings of our systematic research work. The herbs we use are picked from forests where they grow naturally hundreds of miles away from any pollution, artificial fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Many of our production sites are dedicated solely to making potent herbal products. Our creation facilities are used by many US & UK household brands across the healthcare sector.


We value our people. Every team member at MedTate has a vital role to play. We only recruit people who share our vision to impact positively on the society. We expect every employee to uphold the same level of high moral values that is shared by the founder and its top executive management. We promote a culture that values meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency. Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy complies with all relevant legislation and best practice, strives to create an inclusive working environment for all, and deals with any complaint of discrimination seriously. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, and to avoiding unlawful discrimination throughout an employee’s career with the Company, starting with the recruitment and selection process and by providing ongoing support, training and development.



Our planet has finite resources. Protecting our planet is our ethical and moral obligation. We understand that whilst technological innovation is necessary, it needs to be conducted within nature friendly parameters. At MedTate, we conduct raw material sourcing, research & development, manufacturing and post production activities, to the highest possible standards in order to minimize the impact on health and the environment. We conduct comprehensive environmental risk assessments and reviews at in all stages of our new projects. We also follow a systematic approach to environmental management, even in places where this is not imposed mandatory by local regulations. Our mission statement – Curing with Care – means caring for our patients as well as caring for our planet.