MedTate has a strong in-house research and development unit supported by a team of skilled scientists. Under the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer, Professor Ebrahim Naderali, our scientists are constantly exploring natures’ ability to cure human diseases. Whilst we strive to discover breakthrough lifesaving medical products, we are committed to ethical scientific research and development. We advocate and follow the moral and social values of accountability, social responsibility, human rights, animal welfare, compliance with the law, and public health and safety.

MedTate products are manufactured only in the United Kingdom. Our nutraceutical division - MedCare - has a legacy in offering natural supplements to help human metabolism and diabetics. The MedCare formulation team has extensive experience in identifying and manufacturing potent plant-derived healthcare supplements. Whilst we usually deal with whole herbs, some herbs might have allergens that might be unsuitable for certain body types. Hence we developed RareXtract®, a proprietary extraction technique to get the best nutrients from the herbs while removing these allergens, and whist retaining the same efficacy. MedCare™ has collaboration with several blue chip organisations, including IMCD and Givaudan, for formulation R&D.

Our biotech division MedCure operates as an independent unit within the MedTate Ltd with the aim to harness potential opportunities in development of small molecule medicinal products, on the back of the overall therapeutic data obtained from the MedCare division. It is currently involved in the drug development for 3 blockbuster drugs to treat NASH, Autism and ADHD, with further research for possible treatment for Dementia and Type 1 Diabetes. MedCure has collaborations with several academic institutions and the NHS hospitals in the UK to facilitate its R&D activities at a markedly lower than industry average cost, thus improving productivity at a lower OPEX. At present we have established collaborations with research units in all three universities in Liverpool, namely The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU) and Liverpool Hope University (LHU).