MedTate is a British healthcare company based in London, United Kingdom. We primarily operate in nutraceutical manufacturing and drug development. We have a strong research team headed by Prof. Ebrahim Naderali, and supported by several top academic institutions including Universty of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University. We also have research collaborations with partner organisations including IMCD, Sentient. MedTate products are presently marketed in top 200 pharmacies in the UK, including Selfridges Pharmacy and John Bell & Croydon. Our nutraceutical products are exported throughout the globe across 4 continents. The introduction of MedCure Biotech division has laid exciting times ahead of us, with potentially 5 blockbuster drugs in the pipeline. True to our mission statement Curing with Care®, we use traditional herbs backed by scientific research to find groundbreaking medicines to cure diseases, and holistic nature solutions to care for your health.