The MedCare division of MedTate develops and manufactures breakthrough supplements to cater to the market scarcity of 100% natural supplements and the growing demand for natural and naturally-sourced health products within the nutraceutical space.

MedCare combines modern scientific research and herbs used in the ancient healing philosophies such as Ayurveda to develop natural supplements for the mass market. The supplements are delivered in effective combinations and optimum quantities and not unnaturally concentrated.

For example, Ojamin, one of our brands under the Nutraceuticals division, is targeted at the diabetes market. It has already undergone independent pre-clinical trials in France to show its efficacy in partially reversing Type 2 diabetes. Our human clinical trials to prove Ojamin’s efficacy are very encouraging.

We are unique within the Nutraceutical landscape, since our supplement R&D division is supported by its biotech activities. Unlike other major supplement manufacturers in the market who make unverified and spurious claims about their products, we at MedTate make products
that are backed by strong scientific research.




Ojamin is the world’s first Herb & Fruit tonic to support type 2 diabetes. Made of 14 Herbs and Fruits, the pre-clinical studies have shown this tonic to be effective in reversing the signs of NASH, a finding used by MedCure® division as the platform for isolating the most active single molecule for the medical treatment of NASH disease. The Ojamin range now includes capsules and sachets.



Diabetea will be the only mass market tea that is designed to offer support for diabetic patients, in an unobtrusive format that becomes part of a daily routine. A simple ‘cuppa’ will no longer be an unpretentious thing! The base ingredients and formula will be the same as the Ojamin Herb and Fruit® supplement, thus being as effective as the capsule and tonic. The flavours of the tea will be selected such that they work best with the taste of Ojamin supplement but don’t interfere with the efficacy of the active ingredients of the Herb and Fruit® supplement.



IQvita is a vitamin supplement for the, and brain contain natural ingredients. Presently, there are no 100% naturally prepared products in the market targeting dementia; nor is there a new 'pharma' product in over seven years for treating dementia. IQvita contains the best from the world’s two great healing ingredients: Ginseng and Ginkgo (Chinese) and Bacopa and Gotu Kola (Indian). Ginseng and Ginkgo help with memory, concentration, general cognitive function and blood circulation. Bacopa and Gotu Kola together are often called Brahmi or 'Indian Ginseng'.



This is a breakthrough, natural, multi-herbal, multivitamin supplement to complement normal daily nutritional intake. Its comprehensive spectrum selected from herbs and fruits with the highest natural vitamin content, act as the base for NutraCap, thereby creating the best possible combination of herbal vitamins to suffice your everyday multivitamin nutritional needs.



It will be the world’s first fully herbal, fully efficacious tonic to support Type 1 diabetics. Using the same proprietary RareXtract® technology, found in every other of our MedTate products, Insuleaf awaits further clinical testing which will enable it to be marketed as an OTC drug. (Coming soon in 2020).



It will be the world’s first Nicotine-free smoking cessation therapy option. Finehale was conceptualised when a team member of MedTate decided to quit his addiction. Millions across the world struggle to quit smoking every year. Finehale will serve as a safe support that will eventually help them kick the habit. (Coming soon in 2020).



A brand new, holistic herbal-centric range specially created for women who want the very best health ingredients created by Mother Nature. Coined as Beautifully Natural Vitamins®, the product line includes: FemVita® Ω 3679 & Probiotics - Inner Cleanse for Liver
Boost&deFatigue - for Hair, Nails, Teeth, Skin, Weight Loss and Immune Care
OsteoCare - with Vitamin D3, Prophylactic for joint problems
Menosil Radiance – supporting those difficult periods
Herbollagen - A Herbal Collagen Support
FemVita® PregnaTouch® - for pregnancy support
New Mum - for mother and baby
DigestionAid- A PolyEnzyme blend to support your digestive system.



A tailor-made multi-herbal supplement for the daily lifestyle of today’s man. Unlike the synthetic subsets of available vitamins, these are purely herbal without any artificial additives. The product range includes:
Sports & Fitness – for the top athelete
Ω3679 MaxiMix - Natural animal-free source of Omega Oils
Medetox - The complete detox supplement
RestoreForce Boost & deFatigue – Your daily revitalising supplement
PeakAppearance NHTS™ -  for healthy nails, hair, teeth & skin
Fortis Herbal Immunology – Fortifying your immune defences
OsteoCare - Strengthening your bones



We plan to introduce a fully-herbal skincare range for women which would complement the FemVita® supplement range. (coming soon in 2023)



The world’s first clinically tested, fully natural sexual potency supplement. Currently in the R&D stage, we believe that potentially it would be free from any side-effects often seen in Viagra. (coming soon in 2023)