• MedTate® is a London-based pharmaceutical
    company that uses nature's finest extracts to
    create life - enhancing healthcare products.
    We believe in Curing with Care.

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  • MedCure is our Biotech division that develops
    breakthrough technologies & super-molecules
    to creating lifesaving medicines.

  • MedCare is our Nutraceutical division-combines
    modern scientific research & ancient herbal wisdom
    to develop life caring supplements.

  • We use traditional herbs backed by scientific
    research to develop breakthrough medicines
    to cure presently incurable diseases, and holistic
    natural solutions to care for your health.



MedTate® is a privately-owned British healthcare company based in Mayfair, London. MedTate was founded by Pete Tate after deriving inspiration from his grandfather, LK Tate, who fought diabetes with traditional Indian Ayurvedic herbs and lived a long, healthy life till he was 100! (see Legacy).

We believe that healthcare is constantly evolving. At MedTate, we undertake extensive scientific research to produce innovative, distinctive and useful products. We endeavour to introduce customers to some of the many resources that exist in nature, and to harness their strong potential to make revolutionary products which enhance overall health and wellbeing.

MedTate comprises two business divisions: MedCare (Nutraceuticals) and MedCure (Biotechnology).



The Nutraceuticals division is involved in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of breakthrough supplements with 100% natural ingredients. MedTate identifies the key requirements in the market, and provides the consumer with what they need. We do not make generics, and all our supplements undergo clinical and scientific trials to prove their safety and efficacy.


The Biotechnology division harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes within the existing Nutraceutical research, whilst also developing new technologies and products that would create lifesaving medicines. We are currently working on the development of five potential blockbuster drugs to treat NASH, Type 2 Diabetes, ADHA, dementia and Autism spectrum.



MedTate has a strong in-house research and development unit supported by a team of skilled scientists. Under the guidance of our Chief Medical Officer Professor Ebrahim Naderali, our scientists are constantly exploring natures’ ability to cure human diseases. Whilst we strive to discover breakthrough lifesaving medical products, we are committed to ethical scientific research and development. We advocate and follow the moral and social values of accountability, social responsibility, human rights, animal welfare, compliance with the law, and public health and safety.

MedTate products are manufactured only in the United Kingdom. Our nutraceutical division MedCare has a legacy in offering natural supplements to help human metabolism and diabetics. The MedCare formulation team has extensive experience in identifying and manufacturing potent plant-derived health care supplements.